Chovatelská stanice irských teriérů

About us

We were looking for a dog breed, which would be suitable as a gundog and for dog sports, but also wasn’t too big. That is how we have found the Irish Terrier breed.

We brought our bitch from the eastern Slovakia and since then dogs have become our hobby. We started to do agility and have been quite succesful thanks to reliability and incliation to cooperate.

Irish Terrier is really easy to be tought anything and is happy to work for its owner if it knows, it will be rewarded afterwards. We used to attend dog camps where we would work on obedience in big groups of dogs, try dogfrisbee, coursing, learn to cooperate even more and what is important, we were enjoying it. Our girl has been able to learn commands and tricks a border collie would not have to be ashamed for.

Irish Terrier is a breed which can fully adapt to lifestyle of its family. It can chase a ball until you are not tired, but also lie down and fall sleep in a minute. It is an affectionate dog easy to fall in love with and become a rightful family member.

Breeder contact information:
Zuzana Sommerová

phone number.: +420 733 281 848